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A new Shakespeare app that may be of interest to teachers who follow this blog. I recently bought the Shakespearience edition of Hamlet, and am currently enjoying perusing the annotated text, accompanying media, and fascinating supplementary scholarly material, including an article on Hamlet in pop culture by Douglas Lanier, whose work on Shakespeare and pop culture I admire immensely:

"Explore Shakespeare’s plays in unexpected and exciting new ways with The Shakesperience, which combine an engagingly touchable interface with remarkable audio, video, photos, and illustrations to create an interactive, hands-on Shakespeare experience unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

Harnessing the most current and dynamic features of the innovative authoring tool, iBooks Author, The Shakesperience brings Shakespeare’s plays to life in interesting and engaging new ways.

Features include:
- A complete glossary with explanations embedded, which allows for immediate translation of words into contemporary English (for example, Othello has over 1,400 embedded terms).
- Scene-setting audio introductions by award-winning actor Sir Derek Jacobi.
- Legendary performances integrated and embedded alongside the text. Hear some of the best Shakespeare performances from around the world, including Dame Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh, Orson Welles, Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir John Gielgud, and Paul Robeson.
- Multiple audio and visual performances of particular scenes, allowing readers to experience the differences produced in various approaches to Shakespeare’s language.
- Rare, private recordings by Edwin Booth, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and others.
- Spectacular image galleries with photographs, production notes, set renderings, and costume design that help the play burst off the page.
- A Voice Coach’s Perspective on Speaking Shakespeare by Andrew Wade, former voice coach to the Royal Shakespeare Company
- A view from the director’s chair including interviews with a full cast of actors on how they approached their roles, and much more…”

For more information, visit the Shakespearience website.

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